ALTEHS offers also deeply processed glass products wich in contrary to insulating glass units very often is an end product. This product range covers such building elements as glass doors, inner walls, canopies and others, but is not limited to construction sector and can also be used in appliances (for example shelfs for fridges), furniture production (for example table tops) or even in solar sector (for example glass covering solar cell).


ALTEHS offered processed glass products are realised using seperately or in necessary composition glass tempering, milling, drilling, polishing, laminating and screen printing technologies.


To realise processed glass products ALTEHS works in tight cooperation with estonian tehnology company Pal-Klaas.

Tempered glass


Tempered glass is a version of safety glass providing about three times more strength than annealed clear float glass and reaching a bending strenght of 120 N/mm². After braking tempered glass splits into small pieces. That limits to a very small scale the possibe damage to the person harmed. Instead ordinary annealed glass can form dangerous shapes that can be very harmful.

Tempered glass offers not only strength and safety, but also much higher temperature distribution unequality possibility. This characteristic of tempered glass allows to use it for darker (for example tinted) glass in facades or in any other place where temperature distribution can be unequal. To sum up tempered glass is providing several unique properties that makes it widely used in a lot of areas.

Glass canopy


Glass canopy is a prerequisite of any modern building. ALTEHS offers a wide range of these elements with the parameters like size, glass type and mounting design as required. We suggest when thinking of the glass canopy to use not only tempered, but also laminated glass at the same time to have the most safety.

ALTEHS offers strenght calculations to chose the right glass thickness and mounting point positioning and amount. We can offer not only glass, but a range of mounting elements to best suit the architectural and technical requirements of the building.

Glass doors

doors-glass.jpgTo make the office or even home building top modern we suggest to use glass as much as possible: from inner walls to glass doors. Together with appropriate fittings glass doors looks aesthetic, are durable and asks for less maintenance. And in a lot of cases this kind of product is comes for less than if you would use other material. ALTEHS will offer you the technical consulation and the best solution for your building.

We have the experience and the knowledge not only of glass, but also of the fittings necessary to complete the project sucessfuly.

Inner glass walls in computer company. Riga, Latvia.
Processed glass doors. There is 10mm tempered glass used to produce these doors. Sliding to both sides. Locking. Object location Cesis, Latvia.
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