ALTEHS produces insulating glass units in copmany`s insulating glass production factory. Our experienced staff, industries leading machinery and our care for quality makes our product top quality. For our partners ALTEHS can offer qualitative short term deliveries at a competitive price. We constantly work on our product development and implement in production newest production techniques and products. Also we are addapting to customer requirements and produce different types of insulating glass units.

Warm edge spacers


ALTEHS is offering one of the market leading warm edge profiles to be incorporated in ALTEHS produced insulating glass units. The long term partner for ALTEHS in supply of new generation distancers is Switzerland company Swisspacer.

SWISSPACER is a thermally optimised spacer bar made from a highly insulating composite plastic. Extremely thin metal membranes, consisting of either aluminium or stainless steel, guarantee both leak tightness for the filling gases and water vapour and an excellent adhesion for all insulation glass sealing compounds. SWISSPACER is mechanically and thermally resistant up to constant temperatures of 100 °C.

Several colors available


ALTEHS is offering several colors from stock and on order for the warm edge profiles to meet the client most complex design demands regarding the insulating glasses.

ALTEHS can offer in different thicknesses from stock profiles in following colors:
Titanium grey RAL 9023
Black RAL 9005
White RAL 9016
Light grey RAL 7035


ALTEHS can offer in different thicknesses on order profiles in following colors:
Sapphire blue RAL 5003
Light brown RAL 8003
Dark brown RAL 8014
Sulphur yellow RAL 1016
Yellow-green RAL 6018
Opal-green RAL 6026
Brown-green RAL 7013
Beige RAL 1001
Beige brown RAL 1011
Pastel yellow RAL 1034
Grass green RAL 6010
Light ivory RAL 1015
Red brown RAL 8012
These colors are possible for orders from 400 square meters.

High thermal insulation units

passive-unit.jpgMarket is heading to more thermaly efficient and less poluting buildings and insulating glass units with high thermal insulation is one of key elements to achieve this goal.

ALTEHS can offer wide range of triple glazed units. The best can reach a U value down to 0.5 W/m2K (thickness from 44mm). And note, that using warm edge spacer for these units you can achieve even better U value for your window. ALTEHS can offer a Kripton gas filling for special applications.

Sun heat protection units


Solar control glasses help control the amount of solar energy that enters a building. Solar control glasses save money by reducing the amount of energy used by heating and air conditioning systems and boost comfort levels inside the building by controlling indoor temperatures and light levels.


There are several ways to protect your building from entering the sun energy inside too much:
1) To chose tinted glasses. They usually needs to be tempered and they have relatively dark look and gives you quite a lot of privacy.
2) To chose mirror type glasses. They do not need to be tempered and have a light reflection greater than standard units.
3) To chose both tinted and mirror type glasses for maximum sun protection.
4) There are also other possibilities ALTEHS can offer you as inner blinds (in insulating glass unit between two glass sheets), external blinds or sun protection textile on external surface.

Sound reduction units

sound-unit.jpgTo help limit the growing impact of noise pollution in our everyday environment, ALTEHS offers solutions that can reduce the noise by up to 50 dB. This kind of acoustic performance can be achieved by using special glasses and in the wright composition.

To achieve higher sound reduction it is necessary to chose one or several of these possibilities:
1) To increase the mass of the glass;
2) To use special laminated glass with special sound reduction film between the glasses;
3) In insulating glass units it is possible to use different glass sheet thicknesses to avoid resonance effect;
4) In insulating glass units it is possible to chose bigger distance between the glasses.

Fire protection glasses


There are two basic criteria governing a glasses fire resistance rating:

- the flame retardant criterion (integrity, low radiation);
- and the fire-retardant criterion (integrity, total isolation).

The first - flame retardant criterion is met by glass wich is toughened to suite this application. This glass type is a barrier for flames but not entirely for the heat comming from the source of fire.

The second - fire-retardant criterion is met by glass wich is laminated glass (two or more glass sheets) with special interlayer between the glasses wich then the barrier not only for flames but also for the heat.

Lead decorated glass units

lead-unit.jpgGive your house a character and chose for your entrance doors a lead decorated glass! We can offer a wide range of lead, crystal and colored film options to suite your particular needs.

Furthermore, in combination with our range of more than 10 decorative glasses you will have also the necessary privacy and an astonishing result.

Houses in Iceland in various places. ALTEHS delivered insulating glass units for these houses.
Multi flat house in Iceland. ALTEHS delivered insulating glass units.
The insulating glasses were delivered in the most appropriate composition: tripple glazed, tempered outside, sun protection, laminated inside. Jurmala, Latvia.
Glass unit with lead decor for United Kingdom market.
ALTEHS has introduced special pallets for insulating glass deliveries for standard dimension window producers.
Short term local deliveries are organised.
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