ALTEHS started window and door production back in 1999. During this time ALTEHS has accumulated the necessary experience to offer the products not only for local, but also for the international markets. Taking the advantage of our geographical situation we deliver our windows and doors also to Sweden and Norway.


ALTEHS has gone throught number of window evolution stages and now we can offer you the highest quality and future-ready windows and doors. With term future-ready we mean windows and doors made with ecological thinking. That leads to windows with high insulation, requiring less expenses of home heating which goes together with less fosil fuel consumption or possibility to use modern and more eco-friendly home heating instruments.

Looking into the future: New Geneo profile


With new and patented Geneo profile form German producer REHAU ALTEHS can produce windows and doors with Uw down to 0,8 W/m2K. Geneo is setting a new standard for a plastic windows turning them into most modern and rigid type of windows in the market.

Windows with Geneo profile gives you following advantages:


1) Heat insulation. With better heat insulated windows you save money on home heating. It is calculated by REHAU that after changing old wooden windows from 80`s to windows from Geneo you can save up to 76% of energy and lower the heating costs of your home.


2) Sound insulation. Geneo windows will make your life more comfortable. With Geneo windows you can reach highest sound insulation class without lowering the heat insulation.


3) Safety. With standard Geneo profile you receive anti-burglary class 2. But with additional adjustments you can receive even class 3.


4) Design. Geneo profiles are extremely good looking, with clean and aesthetic edges. The surface is stable and very easy to clean. Windows also comes in various colors.


These type of windows are equipped with tripple glazed glass units and in almost all cases also with warm edge spacers.

Windows with 70mm and 60mm profiles

60-70.jpgWindows with 60mm or 70mm profiles from REHAU is an economical alternative. These windows usually comes with double glazed units, but can be equiped also with tripple glazed units achieving better Uvalues. Uf for the 70mm system reaches 1,3 W/m2K and this leads to Uw value between 1,0-1,2 W/m2K.

These types of windows do not offer the advantages of Geneo profile windows, but they can be installed with less investment and this can be taken in account when you decide to install windows in not so energy sensitive places like summer house, garage or industrial buildings with lower inside temperatures.

What is U-value?


U-value is heat insulation coefficient wich shows heat losses made by a window or door or glass unit. It is the amount of energy evaporating through 1m2 large surface of the material being tested. A window has 3 different U-values:

Uf - U-value for frame
Ug - U-value for insulating glass unit
Uw - U-value for window as a unit (frame + glass)


Total Uw value depends on Uf and Ug. And if Uw is lower, that means heat insulation is better as the heat losses are less.

Ventilation and modern windows

ventilation.jpgModern windows closes firmly. Due to this an appropriate and regular ventilation is essential for a good climate in the rooms:

- Air temperature and humidity is regulated;

- Fresh air is coming in the rooms;

- Lowering the humidity of air allows to avoid condensate and mildew.

For effective ventilation there should be a ventilation equipment wich makes the fresh air flow into rooms and sucks the used air out of the rooms at the same time ensuring the heat from the changed air to be left in the room. Due to this type of ventilation rooms are ventilated and heat is left in the house.

Shapes, colors and more...

shapes-colors.jpgIf you have design, we have technical solution. Even more - we will assist you to come to the optimal design with wich you will feel comfortable now and in future. We have several options available to realise your design window dreams:

1) Colors. We offer a palette of tens of wood decors or any color according to RAL catalogue for your windows.


2) Shapes. We offer to make for you arch, ring, triangle, trapeze or any other form with angle for your architecture.


3) Georgian bars. ALTEHS can offer you 2 type of georgian bars on the glass and more than 20 types between the glasses.


In addition ALTEHS can equip the windows with these elements:


- Windowsills;


- Inner and outer blinds;


- Insect nets;


- Several glass options (look insulating glass section);


And these all options can be included in one window also.

Private house in Cesis, Latvia. Sun protection glass with formula 70/40. PVC profiles with wood decor.
Windows for building in Brivibas street, Riga. Windows are produced and installed taking account the architecture.
Sliding PVC doors in public building in Cesis, Latvia.
PVC inner walls in food company office building in Cesis, Latvia.
PVC windows for a hotel house. Large, openable, arch type, with georgian bars and with grey lamination at the same time.
PVC windows for a guest house. Limbazi district, Latvia.
Winter-garden wich was made to add dining space for a cafe. Melturi, Latvia.
Windows for new detached house building complex. Cesis, Latvia.
Flat house renovation project. Windows are produced from Rehau Geneo profile. Cesis, Latvia.
Entrance block in public building in Cesis, Latvia.
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